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Please note that we are currently overwhelmed with the response so we are running a bit slow on the church verification process. It is taking us about 2 days to do. sorry for the inconvenience.

James Smith
Servant, AgapeWORKS

Request a Church

Please use this form to give us the information necessary to create the church record. The more information that you give us the easier it will be for us to verify your church. The main things that you look for are:


  1. A website. If you don’t’ have a website, that’s ok we can make one for you.
  2. Church location exist.
  3. Can we find you online?
  4. Is the church registered with the State?
  5. Is the Church registered with IRS?
  6. Is the Church a 501c3?


Why do we verify the church?

When we launched version 1.0 of our software, it was open to everyone that wanted to create a site. That quickly became unmanageable. So we decided to have a verification process to ensure that we maintained a clean reliable system.