Why Choose Us

AgapeWORKS is the partner of choice for over 6000 churches

Many churches rely on third-party companies to create and maintain their web presence, companies with no connection to the church or investment in its programs or members. Until now these companies have been the only option for small and growing churches that simply cannot staff a full time IT person. More often than not this means an extremely expensive website that looks cheap, is not user friendly and does not offer the church itself any useful administration tools.

AgapeWORKS is different.

Our complete Church Management System lets churches keep tabs on every aspect of their administration at the click of a mouse. Pastors and church administrators can take and track weekly attendance, oversee church staff and members, account for contributions and organize service projects, ministries and venues.
In addition, we allow churches to create their own web content using a clean, simple and intuitive interface. Pages are easy to edit and can be uniquely tailored to fit any church’s style – even by pastors and church administrators with no IT experience.

AgapeWORKS is the only system that puts church management into the church leadership’s hands – and provides a top-quality, free web presence – without the need for a full time IT staff. We put the tools to run your church effectively in your hands.

Our goal at AgapeWORKS is to help pastors and church leaders serve the Lord and their congregations fully, without having to worry about the distraction of keeping up in the modern age. Our system allows any church, however small, to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through both the internet and the pulpit.