Read below for some testimonials from Church Leaders

We only know how well AgapeWORKS will help churches keep up with today’s technology because it already has! These are some who have already seen the dynamic change an effective IT solution can make for a growing church body.

"When my father, Dr. Tim LaHaye, first came to San Diego to pastor a small Baptist church in the early 50’s, there were less than 200 members.  Without the aid of our new digital era, I watched the church grow into the thousands.  Keeping track of the church’s social events and calendar of today’s modern time certainly requires the tools for our fast paced generation.

I have been doing business with James Smith since 2004 and am honored to introduce him to you.  He is a straight shooter and has blessed our business with his expertise and dedication.  AgapeWORKS has some excellent tools that can certainly help today’s modern church.  I encourage you to spend the time necessary to see what AgapeWORKS has to offer and take advantage of this opportunity."


God Bless,

Larry LaHaye